The 6 Best Email Marketing Plugins for Your WordPress Website

WordPress email marketing plugins are quite effective if you’re a devoted user who like to manage everything from your dashboard.

The job of email marketing tools is done by the plugins. From your WordPress dashboard, you can grow your list and make stunning newsletters, pop-ups, and other things.

email marketing plugins

In this article, I’ve reviewed six of the top WordPress email marketing plugins. Finding the ideal fit doesn’t need the time-consuming procedure of physically evaluating each alternative.

I’ll give you a virtual taste of each instrument just by reading this article so you can choose with ease.

However, let’s first address a few important queries before moving on.

Why Do You Need an Email Marketing Plugin?

WordPress email marketing plugins are an extension of email marketing services, as was already explained.

Let’s explain it in a little more detail.

WordPress excels at building blogs, websites, online storefronts, portfolios, and landing pages but fails miserably at email marketing.

Therefore, as a user, you have the choice of using Gmail and all of its email marketing tools (such as mail merge, email templates, email reminders, etc.) or investing in an email marketing tool.

Luckily, WordPress-integrated email marketing plugins fill the gap. This enables you to carry out fundamental email marketing duties, such as:

  • distributing newsletters
  • the gathering of email addresses
  • Pop-up forms construction
  • dividing up contacts
  • Notifications from the forum and much more.

The answer to the issue of why you require a WordPress email marketing plugin comes down to the freedom it offers.

You may manage all aspects of your email marketing without leaving your dashboard because it connects with your WordPress. Most digital marketers desire it since it will save them a ton of time. Additionally, the plugins are far less expensive than email marketing products.

Additionally, the plugins cannot be used for email outreach. They cannot be combined with outreach software like email finders. They require integrable CMS systems Like WordPress.

Choosing a WordPress Email Marketing Plugin?

Before reaching for your wallet, think about a few things that will help you choose the best tool for the job.

The reason I say “the perfect tool for your case” is because, not all WordPress plugins carry out the same functions.

According to these possibilities, you should select a tool.

  • Growing your list
  • Building a simple newsletter;
  • Type of Business
  • Sending Custom Notification
  • your desired CTR.

Therefore, the first step is to identify the issue that has to be fixed. After you’ve found the solution, consider functionality, premium features, and ease of use.

Having said that, let’s examine the top WordPress email plugins on the market right now.

Hubspot Email Marketing Plugin.

Talking about email marketing would be incomplete without including Hubspot.

You’ll appreciate the Hubspot WordPress email plugin because it’s free, so let’s go on. And that doesn’t necessarily mean you get flimsy software with confusing dashboards.

The pop-ups and forms are quite simple to design because to the drag-and-drop editor. You may construct an automatic response email that contacts a visitor after they provide you with their contact information and delivers the promised lead magnet.

The skill to design stunning and adaptable newsletters is another thing. There are more than 20 different templates available. Once more, the drag-and-drop editor streamlines the procedure.

The experience is elevated to a whole new level by the CRM. Your website’s forms and your Hubspot CRM may be instantly synchronized.

As a result, it’s simple to manage contacts, divide them into different categories, and even keep track of how they engage with your website.


You require a plugin that links to your WordPress account if Mailchimp serves as your email marketing provider.

That does not, however, exclude non-Mailchimp users. The Mailchimp email marketing plugin is still useful for anyone using a different email marketing provider.

In either case, using the plugin gives you the ability to expand your email list, get in-depth campaign data, automate the notification of new subscribers, and more.

Its standout qualities include warm and attentive assistance, sign-up forms designed for mobile use, and seamlessly integrate with other well-known plugins like BuddyPress, JetFormBuilder, Woocommerce, etc.


The WordPress plugin OptinMonster is well-known for its pop-up ads and email newsletters. More than a million installs of the plugin are currently operational.

The drag-and-drop editor makes it simple to make stunning pop-ups in a matter of minutes. The same technology may also be used to create stunning subscription forms, gamified spin-a-wheel opt-in forms, sticky announcement bars, and other interactive pop-ups.

The plugin works with practically any email marketing solutions on the market because it lacks a parent email marketing product.

For customers who don’t want to be bound to plugins made by parent email marketing solutions, this makes it the ideal choice.

It also makes connections with your preferred CRM solutions, such as Zapier,, Webhooks, and others, possible.


JetFormBuilder is a subscription form plugin that is available for free. The official free WordPress plugin from Crocoblock is this one. You may put your subscription on any page you choose, which will help you get leads more quickly.

Like any other plugin, you may build contact lists, subscription forms, and real-time dashboards. Additionally, you can combine JetFormBuilder with MailChimp, GetResponse, and other marketing platforms, as well as add ReCaptcha to your form.


Another well-liked email plugin for WordPress, Sumo has more than 50,000 installations.

The tool extends beyond pop-ups, welcome emails, and automatic drip campaigns even though it was made to assist you in expanding your email list.

For anybody looking to leverage the power of social sharing, it includes a variety of useful features.

The “share button,” which you may place anywhere on your website, is one such function. This will enable readers who enjoy your post to spread the word about it. As a consequence, you might naturally reach a new audience, which contributes to the expansion of your list.

The free customer support is another aspect that most consumers like. Sumo is aware that not everyone can code and therefore a straightforward “installation” instruction is insufficient, hence each customer receives personalized onboarding training from them.


Newsletter was primarily developed for list building and email delivery, as the name suggests. 400,000 users choose the product as their primary email marketing platform because it is so well-liked.

The drag and drop editor is the first feature that stands out. It is simple to use and will assist you in producing stunning and effective newsletters for your campaign.

You will value the automation capability as well. It falls short of ActiveCampaign, a comprehensive email marketing platform, in quality.

However, it still does a few fun tasks that are not offered by the majority of plugins. You might program your newsletters to go out automatically, for instance. This makes sure you’re communicating with your subscribers on a regular basis.

Finally, you may view the results of your campaign using the built-in reporting. You may alter and improve your campaigns with the insights for better results.

Last Words

WordPress email marketing plugins are undoubtedly available in zillions. Everyone is attempting to sell you on the features.

The issue is that most provide comparable characteristics, which makes it difficult to choose. We’ve provided you with tried-and-true solutions.

They have stood the test of time and demonstrated their value. Pick any of our recommendations once you’ve stated your expectations, then observe the results.

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