How to monetize your blog. Is it really possible to make money blogging?

If your blog gets about 10,000 visits daily then it can easily be monetized, if not then this article is for you.

Starting a blog has never been easier than it is now, there are a plethora of free tools out there that have made it so. Before now starting a blog would cost you an arm and a leg. Available statistics show that there are over 150 million blogs on the internet and 25% of all websites on the internet are blogs, this goes to show that starting a blog is as easy as making a cup of coffee.

The hard part of running a blog needs is getting it monetized to generate revenue. For a blog to be successful, it should have a growing base of subscribers to keep generating more revenue. Only then would you have a profitable blog.

A blog can be monetized, yet it still does not get any revenue, only consistent and sustainable revenue over a period of time will ensure profit. Looking at the above statistics one would realize that the competition has never been this stiff. In this insightful article we lay out the simple steps one must take to monetize a blog.


When thinking of how to monetize your blog, there are some key points about blogging to take into consideration without which any move to monetize your blog will fail.

  • Focus

You need to have a specific industry, niche or topic that you write about repeatedly. Try not to write about everything. Sticking to a niche or topic will help you gather a core audience. People want to visit a blog and keep revisiting it, because it fills a need. That happens by staying focused and on-topic. 

  • Quality

As much as you want to push out an enormous amount of content, but you must ensure that each post is not thin. Your content needs to be quality content. It must be thoroughly researched and very well written. If you are serious about monetizing your blog, quality must be ensured.

  • Value

Value is a precursor of income. What can you teach other people? Are you an expert on a particular topic? Create engaging and thoroughly researched content that provides value to your audience, interwoven with videos and other media to truly help your audience understand the message.

  • Engagement

How engaging is your content? Does your blog incite people to spend a lot of time reading articles, watching videos? The more people engage with your content, the more likely they’ll be to come back. There’s very little chance of monetization if your content is not engaging. 

  • Authority

The more authority you have about a topic, the more likely you can monetize your blog quickly. For example, if you’re an expert at something, you already have authority, all you need to do is leverage such authority. 


That being said, let’s talk about the ways to earn money with your blog. It takes a lot of time and effort to earn money from blogging, forget what you might have heard or read, it just doesn’t happen overnight. There are a lot of ways to drive traffic to your blog but you have to be patient and consistent, and put in a lot of hard work. Let’s dive right in

  • Affiliate Marketing

One of the best ways to monetize your blog is to go the way of affiliate marketing. This is usually useful if you are new to blogging. Create content that is in harmony with whatever Affiliate offers you plan to push.

If you run a cooking blog, you will sell affiliate cooking offers easily. Since your content already attracts people interested in that niche, selling such offers will create some form of passive income.

  • Email Marketing

Over time email marketing has remained one marketing solution that has stood the test of time. Whoever it was that said the money is in the email is very right. As a blogger, you should strive to build an email list. A great way to build a list is to create lead magnets using one of the popular email marketing platforms like Aweber, GetResponse, or Mailchimp. These guys have great tools to help you launch a great campaign. GetResponse actually gives a 30-day free trial at sign-up.

Having a strong list means you can build a relationship with your audience and market your products and services to them by direct email campaigns, you can also market your affiliate links to them. You can generate as much as $1 per email subscriber.

  • Advertisement

Google AdSense is a great way of making money with blogs, but your blog must be generating traffic of almost 10,000 visits daily or over. So as a beginner the way to go is to focus on display Ads. Approach advertisers and negotiate directly with them so they can put their display ads on your site. You could negotiate an income that might be much better than Google AdSense.

  • Sell Digital Products

Another sure way to monetize your blog is by selling digital products. A digital product is any product you sell online that is not in physical forms, like software, eBooks, videos, themes, and plugins.

You can decide to create your own digital product and sell or sell Private Label Rights (PLR). Whichever method you choose be sure to create or choose something that resonates with your blog niche.

Kayla Marie Butler, the CEO, and founder of makes $6000 monthly by selling digital products on her blog


Having a blog with very well-researched and written articles is not enough to monetize your blog. Many bloggers struggle to earn a living from their blogs.

As I have outlined in this guide, the way to go is to incorporate the above steps into your business. For me I believe building a huge email list is the basis for monetizing your blog, without a good list you may not be able to leverage the other steps in this guide.

Thank you for reading my thoughts on how to monetize your blog. I would like to hear from you, what do you think about this guide? Which of the steps outlined here works best for you?

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